Informative Note in accordance with art. 13 of the Privacy Code

In compliance with art. 13 of the code of the Leg. Dec. 196/2003, we hereby provide you with the following information.

Objectives of processing

Details may be collected for one or more of the following objectives:

1) to provide access to reserved areas of the Portal and Portals/websites connected with this one and for the transmission of commercial information, news, updates on initiatives and of the companies controlled and/or connected and/or the Sponsor.

2) possible transfer to third parties of the aforementioned details, always aimed at creating email and marketing campaigns and the transmission of commercial details.

3) fulfilling obligations indicated by law or regulations;

4) management of contacts;

Method of processing

Details will be processed according to the following methods:

1) collection of details according to the single-opt method, in a specific database;

2) registration and processing on paper and/or on a magnetic support;

3) organization of archives in a mainly automated form, in accordance with the Technical regulations in the field of minimum safety measures, Annex B of the Code of Privacy.

Obligatory nature

All details are obligatory.

Individuals to whom personal details may be diffused.

The details collected may be diffused to:

1) companies and organizations for direct mailing or similar activities;

2) associations and foundations intending to advertisement space on lists or on the site and/or connect with the supply of a specific service.

3) individuals that may have access to details, as indicated by legal norms or secondary and/or community norms.

Rights of the interested party

In accordance with art. 7 (Access rights to personal details and other rights) of the Code of Privacy, we hereby inform you of your rights with regards to the processing of details which are:

-through free access, learning of the existence of processing of details related to you;

-be informed of the nature and objectives of processing;

-receiving from the holder, without delay:

*confirmation of the existence or non existence of your personal details, even if they have not yet been registered and communication in an intelligible form of such details and their origin, as well as the logics and objectives on which the processing is based; the request may be renewed, excluding the existence of justified reasons, with an interval of no less than ninety days;

*cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or the blocking of details processed by violating the law, including the details for which archival is not necessary with regards to the objectives for which they have been collected or subsequently processes;

*updating, modification or, if necessary, integration of existing details;

*total or partial objection for legitimate reasons of processing of personal details related to the objective of the collection

-We hereby inform you that the owner of processing according to all legal requirements is the owner of the website.

-In order to exercise the rights as indicated in art. 7 of the Code of Privacy or for cancellation of your details from the archive, simply contact us through one of the channels available.

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