• Where are the vessels delivered ?
    The vessels of the Sailor.Tex fleet are delivered in the tourist port of Marina Cala de' Medici in Rosignano Solvay-Castiglioncello (Via Agostino Straulino, 1-57016 LI, Toscana, Italy). Coordinates: 43°23'756N-010°25'528E
  • Who will be t the port when I arrive?
    Samuele Pedroni-mobile +39.328.6010370; Michele Molinario (Sailor.Tex shop in the shopping area of the Port)-mobile +39.347.5588343/land line +39.0586.769231. We recommend that you contact them before your arrival in the Port in order to define the time of the appointment to carry out all embarkation procedures.
  • How is delivery performed?
    Delivery is a very important operation because our person in charge will provide you with all information on on-board equipment and operation f the technical and safety equipment. In order to carry out this operation as quickly and successfully as possible, we kindly ask you to observe these regulations: >Embark only when it is time for delivery. If you arrive before the time go to the supermarket to fill the pantry or have a nice cocktail, rather than waiting an hour or more on the jetty….; >Only allow the Captain to go on board and possibly the holder of the contract without any luggage and with documents. This simplifies the job and simplifies all on-board movements. Luggage can be left on the jetty and, in the meantime, the crew can go to the supermarket or have a nice cocktail.
  • What should we sign or pay to the person that delivers the vessel?
    Once the delivery operation has been completed, the following bureaucratic procedures should be carried out: >Undersigning of the “original contract” in two copies, replacing the one previously sent by fax (to be undersigned by the holder of the contract and by the Captain); >Control of validity of the “License” (only above 12 miles); >Signing and control of the "Check List" indicating details and prices of the on-board equipment; >Supply of the security deposit by credit card. In the case of “insured security” payment should be made using an ATM or Credit Card; >Payment of any possible extras, to be requested and confirmed at least 24 hours before the embarkation time (tender, outdoor motor, pantry, accessories for children etc). The cost of the Skipper will be paid directly to him BEFORE DEPARTURE. >Delivery of the list of crew members to our personnel. NB: If insurance policies have been stipulated with companies outside of our organisation, the deposits should be given to ground personnel. Reimbursement will be provided in the case of an accident directly by the customer’s insurance company.
  • Where are the vessels moored?
    The vessels are moored in the tourist port of Marina Cala de’ Medici. All of our vessels have their own personal berth and convenient gangways have been fitted to get on board. You can use red luggage trolleys provided by the Port to move your luggage from the car park to the vessel, they can be found along the dock.
  • How are they moored?
    All of the vessels are moored with a double bow (connected with a double chain and to the relieving rope, crossed stern springs provided with the boat (you must take them with you), as well as two mooring cables fixed to dampers that must remain in the dock! If necessary the mooring cables may be double. When you return, we kindly ask you to park the vessel in the same position and moor it just as you found it.
  • Are there any line runners at the port?
    The Port Marina Cala de’ Medici has a mooring assistance service. When you reach the Port you should contact the radio room of the Port on the VHF channel n. 9 and request assistance from the line runners who, upon request, may provide it with the assistance of a rubber dinghy. In the case of an emergency you can contact the port by telephone at the following number +39.0586.795211.
  • Will I have problems when entering/leaving the port?
    You can enter and leave the Porto Cala de’ Medici with ease with all winds of the 1st and 2nd quadrant. With the strong wind from the South-West and from the West (3rd and 4th quadrant), it is however very difficult to return to the port (apart from leaving it, but we hope that nobody does this…). The difficulty lies in the fact that the wave laps immediately after the outer dam. In these conditions you may easily end up by the rocks. When weather conditions are like this, you should return in advance and immediately contact ground personnel. If the situation continues until the day of your return, contact our ground personnel who will indicate another Port for you to disembark (Salivoli or Livorno). In this case our company will organize transfer of the crew by land using private buses at a special price.
  • How does fuel for the vessel work?
    The vessel is provided with a full tank of diesel and water and should be returned in the same conditions. If this is not the case, an hourly quota will be considered taken from the number of outgoing motor hours and the number of incoming motor hours (approximately €15/hour). Example: arrival hours 543 – departure hours 532 = 11 hours = approx. €165
  • Where can I park my car?
    Inside the Cala de’ Medici all parking spaces are with paid admission. Sailor.Tex has a certain number of parking spaces available that can be booked when you book your vessel. As soon as you reach the Port, collect your ticket at the barrier and go to the paid admission car park (when you enter it is the one on the left). Within one hour go to our offices where our personnel will provide you with a voucher and a sticker indicating the number of the parking space. Once again within one hour you should go to the assigned parking space and return the ticket to our offices, indicating the model, colour and number plate of your car. The cost of the parking space is €15/night. Upon request closed boxes are also available at an extra price.
  • Are there any shops and facilities in the Marina?
    Marina Cala de’ Medici is one of the best Italian ports. Inside the Port there is a shopping area of approximately 3,000 sq.m. with shops, bars, restaurants, an ice cream parlour, gym and SPA, rental of electric cars, rubber dinghies and bicycles and a cash dispenser machine. Furthermore, immediately outside of the Port you can find play areas for children, a large supermarket, a chemist and tobacco. For further information, contact our ground personnel.

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