A vessel is not “driven” but it is “controlled” through a “Captain”.

In Italy, in order to “control” a pleasure sailboat, or be authorized to lead it, one should have a “Sailing license”, therefore be qualified to control pleasure sailboats and, in order to use the radio, one should have a “Limited phone operator certificate for ships”.

A sailing license is issued by the Port Authority and it takes approximately two months to purchase it, considering the course as well as practical and theoretical exams, while the certificate is issued by the Italian Post Office.

Various type of sailing licenses are available and are characterized by the type of vessel (sail or motor) to be used and the distances from the coast to be reached.

If you already have a sailing license without any sailing limits, you can rent (the correct term: rent a bare hull) a vessel from our fleet (technically known as a bareboat) and use it independently with your family or friends.

Would you like to rent a Sailor.Tex boat? Nothing is easier!

Would you like to rent a boat from our fleet?

Follow these simple instructions and get ready to leave!

1. Contact our head office at the number 02/95138314 or 347/5588343 (Michele) or send an e-mail to info@sailortex.it to check availability of the vessels for the period required. Our personnel can communicate with you in Italian, English and German and provide you with all explanations required;

2. Once the period has been defined and availability of the vessel has been checked, we will send you a written quotation with the amount of the rental, availability of the possible crew and extra costs;

3. Once the contractual aspect has been defined and the deposit has been paid (30%), the vessel is available for your holiday;

4. Deliveries are made every Saturday from 18:00 for weekly vessels and on Friday’s from 17:00 for the weekends.

5. During the delivery an inventory of all of the equipment on board is carried out and all of the bureaucratic and insurance procedures are formalized. (The vessels are insured for any possible damages or events that may occur, excluding security/excess);

6. Once the vessel has been delivered, you are free to sail in complete freedom according to sailing regulations and good use of the vessel itself;

7. During your holiday you can decide if you want to dock in various foreign ports or drop the anchor in a romantic roadstead or sail even during the night for the most sporty;

8. Disembarkations occur on Saturday morning with the obligation of being in the agreed port on the Friday before;

9. Once the condition of the vessel has been checked, the deposit will be returned and our technicians will carry out a complete check for the next rent;

For any further information please contact our offices, we will be pleased to answer your questions.


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