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The Island of granite, as described by Dumas, in his famous novel “The Count of Montecristo” has ignited the imagination of people up until now. Seen from the sea it has a massive structure, tall and conical, with rugged coasts.

A natural reserve since the 70’s, it represents a small natural open-air museum, thanks to its marine and land ecosystems that are still uncontaminated. It covers an area of 1,040 hectares, 63 km’s from Argentario and 45 km’s from Elba: its coastlines cover 16 km’s.

The Island of Montecristo is an integral natural reserve and can only be accessed by the public by appointment, by contacting the ex A.S.F.D of Follonica tel. 056640611 or 056640019. The Island is entirely state-owned. Access, parking, mooring and diving in the protected marine area 1 are prohibited.

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