Durata: Week End


It can be reached directly on the Friday evening. On Saturday you can coast the island, excluding the Western side because it is a protected reserve, admiring its steep and wild coasts, starting from its Southern tip, Punta dello Zenobito, where the ancient tower overlooks a breathtaking landscape, due to the contact between light grey and dark red rocks, the remains of a volcano. The Western side of Capraia is steep and wild, while the Eastern side consists of slopes and appears to be partially cultivated. The port of Capraia still has its landscape intact, it is worth stopping and going on land and covering the island through the paths to see the Audouin gull and the sea birds that still live there.

Porto di Capraia

The port of the island of Capraia is a tourist marina that can host up to 99 vessels. In the building called “la salata”, the Marina di Capraia office can be found on the dock together with the Port Authority and the tourist information office run by the Pro Loco.

Bars, restaurants and some shops make it the centre of the summer evening strolls, animated by dozens of crews and lots of happy people. The coasts, softly moving down to the sea, offer the possibility of swimming in shallow water, at times with a sandy and extremely clear seabed. There is just one single beach on the island, Cala della Mortola, that can only be reached by boat: the other coves are all in rock and can be reached by sea or, in some cases, by land such as the Cala del Ceppo or the Cala dello Zurletto.

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