Durata: Week End


By sailing during the night you can reach the Giglio Porto during Friday night or, more conveniently, reach the Island on the Saturday morning.

For granodioritic composition of its seabed, the Giglio sea is extremely limpid and blue that it almost reminds us of Sardignia. The town of Giglio Castello, in a raised position, is the most important residential area and, with its castle, represents the ex traffic lights and the ancient lighthouse, an excellent reference point for those approaching.

Giglio Porto, on the Eastern side, is the largest port of the Island. At night the port is illuminated. You can also sail to the nearby Giannutri, drop your anchor and go for a walk on land. 260 hectares containing a historical-archeological heritage left by the ancient Romans in a single context of Mediterranean scrub and crystalline water.

From the sea the Island appears to be low with rocky coasts. The island, located in a N/S direction, has various niches and is very articulated. Mooring is however only possible in Cala degli Spalmatoi and in Cala Maestra. Cala degli Spalmatoi offers excellent protection from all winds, excluding those of the quadrant.

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