Durata: Week End


It can be reached directly on Friday evening stopping off in Portoferraio in the harbour or in the port: on Saturday you can leave the port to travel around the Island in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, discovering in the first case the headland of Monte Calamita, with its mineral settlements, the Gulfs of Stella-Lacona and Marina di Campo, the beautiful bay of Fetovaia and the entire coast of Monte Capanne.

A stop-over not to be missed is Marciana Marina, a very picturesque hamlet and with a comfortable marina located at the bottom of Monte Capanne on the North-Western side of the island. On the Sunday morning, before starting off to return to Castiglioncello-Rosignno, you can sail along the Northern coast of Isola d’Elba, visit the bays of Viticcio-la Biodola and the white beaches of Portoferraio, noting the shoals overlooking the coastline.

The Port of Marciana Marina

One of the safest and fully equipped tourist ports on the island can be found in Marciana Marina. The walk along the seafront that starts from Cotone (an ancient natural shelter for vessels) and leads to Torre Saracena erected in the XII century by the inhabitants of Pisa following sighting of pirates. The town with its historical lanes and squares is truly beautiful with many shops and restaurants. Its beaches: Fenicia, can be found behind Torre Saracena and Crocetta at just 600 metres from the town, both with gravel.


It is the main landing place of the Island and is one of the most active tourist ports of Italy. The county seat of Elba, it owes its importance to the beautiful natural port. It is full of history, as soon as you arrive by boat you can admire the imposing Medicean fortifications commanding the bay: Forte Falcone, Forte Stella (identified by the beacon) and Torre della Linguella (at the entrance to the wet basin) all erected during the 15th Century to defend itself against constant attacks by pirates. The promenade that starts at the tourist port and moves inside the walls of the town centre is beautiful. Portoferraio has approximately 13,000 inhabitants and offers many services in terms of trade and culture. On the Western side of the town there are some beautiful beaches of white gravel that highlight the limpidity of the sea.

Porto Azzurro

Porto Azzurro, located in the deep inlet of the Golfo di Mola, is dominated by the majestic Spanish Fortress of San Giacomo, on one side, and Forte Foccardo on the other. It has a good tourist port, a beautiful square on the sea (an area to hang out in the evening) and picturesque alleys with shops, bars, restaurants and stalls in the evening with hand-made products. There is one small beach in the town, the others are close by.

Marina di Campo

The two offers large tourist hospitality structures and it is located to the right of the largest beach of the island (1500m). The ancient fishing district can be found in the centre together with the small port, the colourful and picturesque houses, all dominated by the tower of Pisa, initially used for sighting. The town has a beautiful promenade along the sea and is famous as a meeting point in the evening. The beach of Marina di Campo is the largest in the island, it starts in the town and covers 1500m, reaching the Foce area.

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