A charter company is a company that deals with the hire of vessels.

Various kinds of charters exist that vary according to contractual relations and the type of vessel.

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  • Bareboat
    Rental of a vessel without crew

    The “Bareboat” represents the rental of pleasure boats in complete independence without the need for crew and skippers provided by the agency.
    The minimum requirement for rental of a “Bareboat” is possession of a nautical license for more than 12 miles from the coast.

    For those that satisfy this requirement, pleasant weekends can be organized from our base in all of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. However for those who have a whole week available, cruises can be organized to reach the north of Corsica or sail around Isola d’Elba.

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  • Cruise Charter
    Rental of a pleasure boat for holidays and free time.

    The “Cruise Charter” represents rental of pleasure boats designed specifically for holidays, pleasure and free time.

    This type of vessel has good livability levels, above and below deck and can accommodate a higher number of people all sleeping in bunks or in dinettes (lounge).

    Current maneuvers (equipment) are simplified as much as possible in order to allow for maneuverability of the vessel by all passengers, even if they are not sufficiently experienced or are not familiar with navigation an maneuver techniques of the vessel.

    The sailing arms and plains are slightly undersized to guarantee less stress to the structures and greater reliability and safety.

    For vessels with a crew, our “flagships” are equipped with special cabins for the skipper and for the hostess, with separate access.
  • Race Charter
    Rental of a sports and regatta vessel

    The “Race Charter” represents rental of pleasure vessels equipped with special sports characteristics, also suitable for regattas.

    At the same length, this type of vessel has reduced “maximum beams” (width) and the internal living area is smaller.

    The sails are made from different materials (mailar or Kevlar). The sailing arms and plains are mainly clothed with running back stays.

    Normally a rolling-main sail is not installed on these vessels (the sail rises and does not roll) and the rolling-jib is not armed (installed).

    The race charter is a new way of renting a sports vessel in the “bareboat” version for longer period of times and for a holiday.

    Another field of the “race charter” includes the “Day-Match Race” in which single shares of an individual vessel are sold. Once all of the seats available have been sold American Cup style challenges are organized (one against the other).

    Another rental possibility includes the “Season Race”. With this contract the vessel is rented out for the entire regatta season of the winter championships, with exclusive use during the weekends, during which regattas or planned training sessions are organized.
  • Keels
    Rental of a kind of “keel” vessel.

    They are commonly known as “keels” all of the vessels with stability during sailing due to speed, the position and weight of the crew members.

    They are normally two or three seaters and are transported on hauling trolleys after use. They are easy to transport on a car roof or using a trailer in the case of larger vessels.

    They are normally used for daily navigations or for fun in local, national and international regattas. Regattas are normally performed in one-design classes, where all of the vessels are the same and controlled in terms of dimension and weight.

    Authorisation is not necessary to sail them, but proven experience in their use, considering necessary knowledge of the manoeuvre techniques in order to sail in safety.

    The “skiffs” are a sub-group of the “centre boards”. They are very modern and technologically very advanced. They are almost all fitted with terraces used to move the weight of the crew externally. They are designed so as to have water lines and sail plans capable of reaching high speeds.

    In order to navigate in safety with these vessels and have fun, a high level of technical and physical preparation is necessary.

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